It's rare we get the chance to have a play with new ideas but during these quieter summer weeks it's proved a welcome change to full production.

With the freedom of a little time new ideas flow ranging the delightfully simple, bocconcini, cantaloupe, basil and tomato skewer to the totally decadent salted caramel brownie with black current gel and sugared violet.

But with only a couple of weeks until the busy autumn we need to get cracking further refining these ideas and getting them up onto the site for you to select and enjoy.

Pictured here from yesterdays experiments and all rather Mediterranean;

- Traditional Italian salad skewer
- Pea and mint panna-cotta with goats cheese crème and pea shoot
- Artichoke frittata with chervil puree and steamed lemon oil asparagus
- Three olive and anchovy tapenade with mozzarella on parmesan shortbread
- Salted caramel brownie with butter scotch popcorn

If you have a moment, e-mail us your favourite we’ll send you a voucher for £25 off your next order!

Have a great week,


The CanapéBox Team.
Psst!  if you introduce a friend you get another voucher, that an easy £50!