Outside of the traditional party and event at CanapéBox we love to think of innovative ways to showcase our small bites. When Girl Daily Media came to us about a sponsorship for the Career Girl Academy conference, we couldn't think of a better way to introduce our canapés to the millennial generation. Girl Daily Media runs a digital lifestyle magazine for career minded women, and was started by two women who wanted to turn their passion into a career. Does this all sound a bit familiar? We thought so too! Like Career Girls, CanapéBox was born out of Chris Messum’s passion for creating delicious food at great prices. The co-mingling of our two brands was a no-brainer, as we are both start-up web businesses trying to enhance busy lifestyles.

The Career Girl Academy was this past weekend, and was a day filled with inspirational talks and networking for millennial women. Guests ranged from people starting out with their own business to those who had been at it for a while. The Masterclass topics included strategies to start a business, secrets to setting up a successful blog, how to adopt the mind-set of an entrepreneur and much more.

We hosted the cocktail & canapé hour, and the guests raved about the duck pancakes and brownies the best! Canapés are not just about fulfilling a basic human need, and are social in their very nature. Finger food allows guests to continue mingling and socialising, while they enjoy the party food and party drinks. And this helped the Career Girl guests seize the networking opportunity! We were so happy to be part of such an inspirational day.

Cheers to all those hard-working millennial women! For more info on partnerships, please email: info@canapebox.co.uk