Organising your annual corporate event can often be a chore and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. These 7 simple pointers will help get you started.

Make a plan and set a budget
What kind of event are you looking for? Formal or informal? Quiet and sedate or lively and fun-packed? Once you have a clear plan that you think will work for the majority of your team, break it down into all the individual costs involved before you get the budget details sorted and signed off – make sure you include catering, music, any entertainment and staff you might need to help.

Create a guest list
Will you allow your guests to bring plus 1’s, which staff should you include? Should you invite those friends and former colleagues who have recently left the company? Best advice has to be have a clear policy, sign it off with the management and stick to that decision, otherwise some may feel unfairly treated.

Set a date
Ensure your date doesn’t clash with any other major events and that it’s convenient for as many people as possible; ideally you should get your date locked in peoples’ diaries as early as possible to allow for your planning, and theirs. If you have a small team, it’s worth checking the date with everyone involved to avoid anyone feeling left out. Thursday is always popular for a company event, as is Friday so that people can let their hair down before the weekend.

Choosing a venue
Picking a venue is always tricky as things like location, size and price must all be considered. If you aren’t able to have it on site, or if you’d prefer not to, then search for a venue that’s convenient for staff, has a good track record on organising events and make sure you get the date locked in early! If you’re having it on site in your office or premises, consider what you can do with decorations to lift the atmosphere and make the most of the space – consider bringing in entertainment and professionals to create a themed space for the evening.

Catering for your guests
If you’re on a strict budget, consider catering the evening yourself, or opting for a set package at a local venue. If you are organising an on-site drinks party, or work event then why not bring in the professionals to save on time, stress and clearing up? Companies like Canapébox provide delicious, high quality, ready-to-go canapés that your guests will love and that can be delivered to your event anywhere in the UK.

Always have a back up plan
Be prepared for the unexpected, maybe your sound system fails or the venue is understaffed – could you cope with these situations? Construct a contingency plan for if things go wrong –prevention is better than cure!

On the day
So you’ve planned every detail and finally you’re ready to go. Always try to visit the venue before the event starts to make sure that you’re 100% happy with the setup. Finally, arrive in plenty of time so that you can greet your guests and enjoy the evening!

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