When it comes to canapés, many will conjure up images of savoury favourites without sparing a thought for their sweet counterparts.

Sweet canapés are often considered beyond the simple conclusion to a canapé reception with an increasing trend for afternoon tea receptions and intimate client events. With the focus on conversation and relaxation it is here that dessert canapés come to the fore, beautiful, delicate and subtle, they are indeed a little bit of what you fancy!

With savoury canapés come the salt or spice and subsequent encouragement to enjoy a tipple or two. For dessert canapés on the other hand, the sweetness provides a less thirst-inducing flavour and can work well on a standalone basis or to conclude a canapé selection.

Here at CanapéBox we offer a range of 7 deliciously sweet, well-loved canapés to tempt your party...

Mini blueberry, almond frangipan, candied lemon tart


A popular choice, our mini blueberry and almond frangipan tart combines sugar, lemon and a touch of cream into a particularly moreish treat to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Price: £1.45, minimum quantity of 15


Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla cream, pecan brownie


Taking influences from across the Atlantic, our Chocolate and pecan brownie is a true American all-star. Topped with strawberry,  vanilla cream and pecans for added texture. Delightful!

Price: £1.45 each, minimum quantity of 15


Pineapple, blackberry, blueberry fruit skewer


For those in search of a lighter healthy alternative, we offer a refreshing treat in the form of a pineapple, blackberry and blueberry fruit skewer. Great for tanging those taste buds.

Price: £1.45 each, minimum quantity of 20


And four more mouth-watering sweet treats to choose from:

  1. Roast rhubarb, rhubarb creme, fried ginger, ginger short bread
  2. Freshly baked scones, whipped raspberry cream
  3. Bitter chocolate tart, vanilla chantilly, fresh raspberry

Tempted? Please click to order from our selection of sweet and dessert canapés today!