Canapés for parties and events given free in Marlow!

Last week, we travelled the boroughs of Buckinghamshire to give each and every one of the lucky patrons a taste of CanapéBox’s bespoke canapés, which we deliver daily with pride across the home counties including Buckinghamshire and throughout London.

The savvy Marlow residents brought many a delightful conversation over ingredients, presentation and perfecting the luxurious canapé taste most would desire at their parties or events. This lovely afternoon was hosted by none other then Chris Messum, owner and creator of CanapéBox.  

Out of all our canapés tried and tested we found that the most popular between our volunteering interviewees was the ‘ Sweet Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla cream, pecan brownie ’, an exquisite creamy vanilla chocolate treat accommodating a soft pecan crunch which goes perfect in combination with a glass of Prosecco… (or three).

Secondly our  Fresh baby buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto, cherry tomato skewers ’ was undoubtedly well received, another fresh delight straight from the kitchen, this one in particular has a marrying combination of rich aromatic basil pesto and cherry tomato which engages the creamy soft mozzarella, only the finest mozzarella goes into hand-crafting these delicious skewers.

See Chris in Marlow delivering his London canapés here!

What do the people of Marlow think of Canapés? from CanapéBox on Vimeo.  

Chris received warm greetings and delivered positivity all round to and from each taster, One taster in particular was Poppy from Marlow who excitedly proclaimed that her number one canapé was the ‘ Duck, hoi sin sauce, cucumber, mango pancakes' and she selected it herself from the assortment of colourful canapés.

If you would like to try a taster of CanapéBox’s quality canapés suited for your Christmas party whether it be at home, in the office or a corporate event, contact us to try out a tasting box (£25.00 GBP) or place an order online on today!