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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CanapéBox?

CanapéBox is headed up by experienced private chef, Christopher Messum. He is supported by a team of chefs at the top of their game who work tirelessly to produce deliciously fresh canapés that are bound to leave a lasting impression on all your parties and events. The team specialises in canapé catering and delivery in London and the home counties. 

CanapéBox is located at Watercroft Farm in a scenic village in Buckinghamshire.

Find out more about Chris at

What is a canapé?

A canapé is a small bite, finger food, appetiser or starter. And the perfect little nibbles and bites are an essential part of throwing any party! Have fun creating your perfect party menu! 

How will my canapés be delivered? Will I need to heat my canapés?

All canapés are pre-cooked and will be delivered cold. However, some canapés will need to be heated by you, so please refer to the individual canapé pages for specific heating instructions. After you order, please refer to your order email or the order form in the delivery box for specific heating instructions. Please note that our heating guide should only be used as a guide and that all ovens vary from model to model. If you have any questions, please contact us at 01494 883 445 or

Can I sample the canapés beforehand?

Before committing to an order, you can order a Tasting Box for £25 to sample a selection of our canapés of the day (this will be the Chef's selection). If you would like to make your own tasting box selection, you can order a Tasting Box for £100. Each Tasting Box comes with 10 canapés, and 3 of each type.

Tasting Box Delivery Times and Costs:

     - Monday - Thursday (10am - 4pm): Free
     - Friday (10am - 4pm): £25
     - Saturday (10am - 4pm): £45
     - Any delivery out of hours: £50
     - Sunday: NO DELIVERIES

Please contact us directly at 01494 883 445 or email

Do you accommodate dietary requests and requirements?

We accommodate vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free and other dietary requests.

How many canapés can I order?

As many as you like, we have no limit but we do have a minimum order value of £200.

How many canapés do you recommend per head?

We recommend 6 canapés per person for the first hour, and another 2 canapés per person for every hour after that. So for a 2 hour party we recommend 8 canapés per head. Whether it be a wide selection or a few staples, this should provide you with a quick quantity estimation if you need some guidance.

Or check out the handy quantity calculator on our canapé calculator page and we'll work the numbers out for you.

Where do you deliver to?

We primarily cover the South East of England, Greater London, the Home Counties, Oxfordshire and Hampshire, but can service other areas. Please contact us at 01494 883 445 for more information.

Do you deliver during the weekend?

We deliver 7 days a week. Deliveries are made 1 - 4 hours before your start time on the day of your event. Our custom designed insulated boxes will keep canapés in perfect condition until the moment of your party. Delivery charges for Sundays and national holidays apply.

How do I amend my order?

Before payment you can amend your order by adding or removing canapés on each individual canapé page. You can also click ‘Shopping Cart’ to ‘update’ and ‘edit’ canapé orders. After payment and delivery schedule, you'll need to contact us at 01494 883 445 to amend your order or if you would like to change delivery details.

When is the latest I can order?

We need a minimum of 48 hours to complete online orders. For time scales less than this, please contact us directly at 01494 883 445. We can usually help!

Is there a minimum order?

We currenly have a minimum order value of £200. This covers delivery and collection. There are no hidden costs with CanapéBox!

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled with up to 5 working days’ notice for a full refund. Orders placed after this time cannot be refunded. Please contact our team for more information.

Do your prices include VAT?

There is no VAT on our canapes. VAT applies to all other products.

Can you provide other related services?

We do have a list of recommended suppliers who can assist with your needs. Please view the meet our suppliers page for details, or by all means give us a call to discuss further.

Still wondering?

Feel free to get in touch to find out more...

Call: 01494 883 445