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Why Us

What if we only focus on the key elements? Each individual piece of the puzzle examined, tested and developed to reveal the full picture, a perfect picture. This is the ethos to which we focus and work. From the skilled chef with razor-sharp knives, to chiffonade herb leaves extracting maximum aroma, to that final delivery text message essential for our canapés delivery door-to-door service…We won’t rest until every detail is handled with perfection and you have received the service you deserve.

Born out of an event catering background delivering first class events and receptions, CanapéBox was created to be the very best party canapés catering and delivery service in London. It was developed in the recognition that our clients were looking for just canapés and finger food without the fuss, expense and risk of engaging traditional caterers.


CanapéBox Catering for you made simple from CanapéBox on Vimeo.

We understand that in this modern world, you are perfectly capable of being the maestro of your event. All you need are the elements at your fingertips - those elusive building blocks that make a perfect party. This is CanapéBox, an exquisite, beautifully designed canapés catering and delivery service that you can use with confident ease to create your own party or event. A year round service that keeps on trend and is always reliable, with last minute turnaround for the unexpected or spontaneous party. We have efficient and well-tested systems to instill the confidence in you!

So with our knowledge of the event scene, our recommended suppliers, an appetite for perfection and your creative planning, we can together produce the perfect party. With CanapéBox, now you’re in charge!


A CanapéBox Guarantee - Enjoy peace of mind with our 100% money back guarantee

Events and parties have to be right the first time and with the party food canapés being an integral part, we offer a full money back guarantee on all our products to give you peace of mind. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase then we will refund your money.  

 A grey stone platter of canapés including beetroot and goats cheese on parmesan shortbread carpaccio de caprese, and a blueberry frangipane with lemon zest

Referrals - Try today and get £20 off your next order! 

If you like the party food canapés you've sampled, benefit by referring our services to a friend or colleague. For any referred client who places an order with us, we will give you £20 towards your next canapé delivery order. 

Please contact us at info@canapé or call: 01494 883 445  if you have reccommended a friend to us.

Canapé box with salmon on eye and thai prawn skewers